Don’t just cover your risk, reduce it! Meet your Risk Reduction Plan.

Your business is complex and so is commercial insurance. Our Risk Consultants work with business owners like you to understand exactly how your business operates. Once we know the ins and outs, we create a plan to reduce your exposure and risk


We get to know you

We learn about you, your business, and your people to create personalized solutions that reduce your business risk.

Sheild with a person in it.

We work for you

We create your Risk Reduction Plan to sell your story to insurance underwriters and get you the best coverage and save you money.

Industry-leading plans

It’s in not our nature to do the minimum. Our plans go beyond insurance to help you understand and manage the riskiest parts of your business.

Being in business for 100 years gets you a lot of experience

Reducing risk and getting the right commercial insurance has little to do with the size of your business and everything to do with understanding it. We work with organizations big and small.

What can we help your business with?

From basic coverage to specialized protection, we offer several types of commercial insurance so you can get the best coverage for each stage of your business’s development.

General Liability

Protection against incidents that can occur during hours of operation, such as injuries, damage, or reputational harm.

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Professional Liability

Insurance that covers you and your company against damages that occur as a result of providing, or failing to provide, professional services.

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Cyber Insurance

Protect your data, sensitive customer information, and computer systems from risk associated with security breaches.

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Errors & Omissions

Insure your professional services against errors and omissions that could negatively affect your clients and customers.

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Property Insurance

It’s important to have the right coverage to protect your business property — and its contents — against unforeseen circumstances, like fire, flood, or theft.

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Product Liability

Manufacture and sell products with confidence. Product liability provides protection when a bodily injury or property damage occurs due to a variety of factors, including product defects, manufacturing flaws or product malfunction.

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Group Health Benefits Plans

Attract and retain employees with a comprehensive benefits plan that takes care of them and their loved ones. Insurance coverage can include health, dental, drug, travel and more.

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Group Retirement Benefits

Help your team save for the future with this workplace benefit that helps attract and retain employees.

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