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What are group retirement benefits?

Group retirement benefits are an easy-to-manage and highly customizable way to attract and retain employees. When employees sign up as plan members, they can tailor their investment to fit their lifestyle and risk preference as they work towards a financially stable retirement.

Why do you need it?

As an employer, when you offer group retirement benefits, you enjoy reduced fees, can take advantage of tax deductions, and access competitive interest rates for your business and your members. Plus, you can encourage employee engagement and retention by offering this attractive workplace benefit.

What is included with group retirement benefits?

Payroll deductions

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Automatic contributions make it easier for members and administration to manage plans.

Flexible investments

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Provides an easy and inclusive way for employees to participate and save. Employee contributions can be modified at any time.

Other coverage options may also be included and are not limited to what has been indicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are employee contributions tax deductible?

When employees contribute through payroll deductions, they can be invested on a before-tax basis, so the amount contributed will be deducted from pre-tax gross pay.

How does the market affect group retirement benefits?

Contributions are spread out over the course of the year to take advantage of, and allow for, market fluctuation.

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