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Register or renew your plates from the comfort of your home.

It’s never been easier to update your vehicle plates and registration. Do it all in just a few clicks on the MySGI online portal.

Basic package coverage includes:

Personal injury

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As a result of a vehicle crash with personal auto injury insurance.

Liability insurance

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For damage your vehicle may cause to the vehicle or property of others or injuries it may cause to other people.

Other coverage options may also be included and are not limited to what has been indicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my vehicle inspected?

To qualify for registration, the vehicle must be inspected by a certified SGI facility found on this list of locations.

My license plate was lost/stolen, what should I do?

To replace your licence plate, visit any motor licence issuer to receive a different plate and matching registration for a fee of $15, or request a reprint of your existing plate number for a fee of $20. If you would like to get the reprint done, you’ll receive a temporary plate to display while you wait for the replacement to arrive. Once the replacement arrives, you’ll need to visit a motor licence issuer to activate it, then contact your Butler Byers Account Manager to update your plate number on file.

Where do I find more information about special edition designs, custom vanity, HAM or collectors plates?

On SGI’s website, visit the Specialty and Personalized Plates section to learn about your licence plate options. While there, you can do a slogan search to check the availability of your desired personalized plate number / slogan. Once you’ve made your selection, you can follow the steps in the “Order your plate” section to get your personalized plate set up.

Let’s get started.

To renew online visit MySGI. Visit us in person or contact us if you need assistance.

Renew your plates in five easy steps:

  1. Call 306-934-8822 to register.
  2. You’ll then receive your activation code by email
  3. Head to MySGI and set up your online account using your activation code.
  4. Renew your plates!

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