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Whether you need insurance for a quick trip to the lake or for a road trip across Canada, we’ll set you up with the right combination of coverage so you can relax and enjoy your leisure time.

What is covered in a RV/Travel Trailer policy?

Comprehensive collision coverage

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Protects your RV from damages such as fire, landslide, windstorm, vandalism and collision with another vehicle or objects.

Liability-only travel trailer policy

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Protects against accidental damage to other people’s property or personal injury to individuals not listed on your policy.

Other coverage options may also be included and are not limited to what has been indicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my policy cover my RV/Trailer while in storage?

Yes, your policy will cover you recreational trailer in storage, even if you continue to use it. Please sure to let us know if your trailer is no longer registered.

Are there any differences for a motorhome?

A motorhome must be licensed at all time if it is being used, even in storage.

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What you’ll need:

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  • Year
  • Serial number
  • Value

Let us help insure your RV or travel trailer.