You’re renting your current home and you think that your landlord has you covered for insurance, but their insurance doesn’t protect your belongings or your personal liability. Butler Byers is one of the most competitive tenant insurance brokers in Saskatchewan. Our knowledgeable brokers will help find the best plan for you and your home! 

What it covers:

Your own tenant or rental insurance (as it’s often called) will protect you where your landlord’s insurance on the building does not cover you. Protect your belongings, your personal liability and protect from any damages to your property.

Did you know that people typically undervalue the contents in their home?

Why you need tenant insurance:
Your landlord’s insurance policy will not cover you fully.
You've done upgrades to your home and these will not covered by your landlord’s policy.
You want to make sure that your possessions are accounted for, it is very common to undervalue your possessions.
Your landlord's coverage will not look after you if you are forced to vacate your apartment.
You need to protect your own personal liability.

How much insurance do I need?

Your insurance is dependent on the value of your personal belongings. Use this to help document the belongings and their value in your home.

Did you know, if you have any recreational vehicles that they must be listed separately on your policy?

Who we work with:

Butler Byers has access to tenant insurance plans from many reputable companies. With seven markets for us to choose from, we’re sure to get you the best plan and rate for your needs:

BB-AvivaBB-PeaceHillsBB-PortageSGI Canada - TenantPakBB-SMIBB-Wawanesa

Did you know, that your landlords insurance does not cover your personal belongings or liability.