Butler Byers is one of the most competitive home insurance brokers in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan regions. Our knowledgeable brokers will help find the best plan for you and your home!

Did you know, if you have any recreational vehicles that they must be listed separately on your policy?

How much insurance do I need?

That’s where we come in. We will gather information that we need to determine exactly what you need.

Why do I need Home Insurance?
Satisfy your mortgage lender.
Protect yourself from liability issues.
Protect yourself from loss.
Be able to replace your belongings.
Protect your equity in your home.
Protect against natural disasters including: sewer back up, water damage, ice damming, wind damage, etc.
Additional living expenses when your home becomes inhabitable, you and your family are safe and are able to be partially reimbursed for hotel stays, etc.
Protect against robbery and theft.
Most of all, for peace of mind.

Did you know that you should have home insurance in place before your possession date?

Who we work with:

Butler Byers has access to home insurance plans from many reputable companies. With seven markets for us to choose from, we’re sure to get you the best plan and rate for your needs:

BB-AvivaBB-PeaceHillsBB-PortageSGI Canada - TenantPakBB-SMIBB-Wawanesa


Did you know that having an alarm to measure low temperature in your home while you’re away will save one of your relatives or neighbours from having to check your home repeatedly?