Purchase or renew your plates online, in person or give us call – (306) 653-2233.

When you purchase licence plates, you pay a flat registration fee and receive a basic package of insurance which includes:

  • coverage for damage to your own vehicle subject to a deductible
  • coverage for personal injury as a result of a vehicle crash with personal auto injury insurance
  • liability insurance for damage your vehicle may cause to the vehicle or property of others or injuries it may cause to other people

Buying/Selling your vehicle?

  1. Complete a Transfer of Ownership form – this will act as your bill of sale
  2. Bring this in to Butler Byers
  3. Make sure that tax was paid
  4. If the car is coming from out of province, it will have to go through a safety check and inspection
  5. Register

Where can you get your vehicle inspected?

To qualify for registration, the vehicle must be inspected by a certified SGI facility. Here is a list of facilities in the province to have your vehicle inspected.